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Training, Analysis, Influence

Welcome to Silverback7

Silverback7 (SB7) provides highly relevant, customized training programs and exercise development; multi-discipline analytical services; and specialized labor for critical programs of the United States Government and firms operating in the federal market. 

In addition, SB7 delivers strategic communications and intelligence support to a focused sector of the National Security Industry, and behavioral science consultation for assessment programs involving unique population groups.

Our Goal

Silverback7 is proud to be a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Business. Staffed and operated by Veterans and committed to providing unparalleled value to our clients through the targeted analysis and precise delivery of knowledge, information, and intelligence that is vital to your strategic success and ability to influence your environment.

View the Services section to learn more about our technical and support capabilities we offer to our government clients or print out our Services Brochure for reference.

- Training Support & Services

- Intelligence - Analysis & Consultation

- Mission Support Services


Odin LogoSB7 Special Surveillance Recon-
naissance Course (SSRC) - ODIN
is a three-week course offered by Silverback7.  This dynamic and immersive training program will provide attendees the skills necessary to collect critical and predictive information on personnel and facilities of interest utilizing our proven methodology that integrates Physical Surveillance, Technical Surveillance, Tagging Tracking and Locating (TTL), and Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) techniques. Read More >>

Odin LogoSB7 Physical Surveillance Course
(PSC) - Excalibur
is an intense and highly immersive five-day course offered by Silverback7.  This training program provides the necessary skills to operate as a member of a surveillance team in the conduct of undetected physical surveillance via foot, vehicle, and public transportation.  This program provides a highly effective understanding of the fundamental surveillance techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) employed by United States and United Kingdom Special Operation Forces. Read More >>

May 2015
Silverback7 awarded a Prime position on the CTTSO Special Warfare Technical Support contract.
January 29, 2014
Silverback7 Participating in U.S. Africa Command's Industry Event.

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